Why do I need to be on Word Press

At 80 years young, I am convinced that that life in and out
of the Scriptures (Bible) is very much needed in everyone born
on this planet earth. One may not need to be ‘Bible College’
religion trained person to graduate from a self-determined
spiritual life with our Lord. (Life itself, brings that to us). We go
through trials and temptation just like Jesus did. Each one
is filled with the knowledge we did not have before going into
the fires and Victoriously, and walking out a better person.
Personally, I was in a very worthwhile circumstance. Everyone around me (family/extended) so they had me ‘soaking’
in it some ‘Word’ daily. I would rather have been in a ‘woods’
the setting, building cabins, etc in the wild. Yes, that took place/but
learning from God’s word came first (at home). Fast forward, this grew into a life of loving old-time music and
playing guitar (for 62 years). Later I started writing short
messages — videos on a popular platform that goes worldwide. After writing over 400 gospel videos and more, I have
thousands of readers from my previous work, that are
still reading after twelve years of constant writing and uploading. At this present time, my goal is to go worldwide with updated writings, that have come to me in
the past few years. It’s time to start getting them out
there as well. Word Press now will be the vehicle
to get that done. This little writing is one of the beginning steps forward.
by Robert D. Anderson

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