How Do We Find Peace?

Yangon cardinal, other religious leaders commit to peace

And the peace of God, which passeth 

all understanding, shall keep your hearts 

and minds through Christ Jesus.

As I read though the scripures, I find the

answers to my questions. In the King James

it states boldly “Ask and you shall receive”.

Peace is all around us daily. Of course, 

trials and tribulation are packed in around 

us also. Just remember, we have overcome

the world and the things of the world. By his 

power and might, we have overcome as 

He overcome in Resurection. Now we must 

ask our Heavenly Father to open our hearts

and minds, and learn to ask him, and HE

 promises to give us our hearts desires.

Yes, he can ‘give us’, however is there

anything we need to do? I is there a space

open? Are we willing to make the needed

adjustments, in order to accept Gods love

and kindness? There is a old poem/song,

that may answer these questions. It warns

us to be careful what we see, what we hear,

where we go, what we do, what we say

and what we think. Maybe we need to

take inventory from within, to understand

what is there–in the mind and in the heart.

Also, do we carry large debt, like chains

around our necks? If we do, those are

capable of ‘trapping’ us, so we cannot

move freely. Do we want/need that car

we found, more than the freedom of

no debt? Do we sleep well at night? The

lights are off–but are we still bogged

down with burdens of debt. The Bible

teaches us the following: Owe no man

a thing.

Simply, as an example: Personally, I have

seen the tribulation, trials and sadness

just as most people have. We must go

through those days, to slowly learn (in

real life, what it takes to Overcome, 

and defeat that one who has been

pushing us backwards six steps, when

when we recently ‘gained four steps’. 

(and we worked dilegently to gain those

four)–we think we did our best, but at

one point or another, we failed, and

broke the bridge that would have 

carried us to Victory. However, we

did not give up–we tried and tried

until we learned that we were in a

‘school of life teaching and testing’

and the day comes, when we actually

cross that bridge into overcomeing

the world. (Note: Does this mean

we will never sin and do wrong the

rest of our Journey? Heavens NO!

We are still living in the old Adams 

nature in part–and the testing is not

totally disolved. (Keep in mind, we are

growing in Christ AND the old man 

Adam is perishing)

At this point, we begin ‘walking in

the Spirit (The book, written by 

Watchman Nee, is a suggestion

to help walk us through this area of

our Spiritual Journey). The learning

of ‘Spiritual Warfare’ falls into to

place also at this area of our growing

Spiritually. From here, we leave the

journey from the Cross Christ died

on, and continue our travels into

the Kingdom and Glory of the Throne.

(Remember-the Holy Spirit is with us

all the way. The road is rough and

narrow. At times, the battle with our

adversities seems to be to much, however

I have one phrase the Apostle Paul coined,

and that is “PRESS ON”. Press on through

the winds/storms/defeat/tripping and

falling–only to stand up and realize, you

are home, and have found your Peace

that passeth all Understanding.​

Explain Peace​

As I was turning eighty years old, that

word PEACE’s true meaning, was still

‘cloudy’. As we have been walking in

 ‘just the opposite’ for many years, its a 

strange world, to awake to ‘silence’.

Yes. the dawn is breaking as normal,

life is beginning to offer another round

in the boxing/wrestling ring–or maybe

we are fortunate to get a break, and 

only hit the mud ‘rut’ once or twice

in a twenty four hour period.

Instead, we awake to silence.

For me, it took a couple days of

‘wandering around’ with blinders,

whispering to myself–this is a dream.

However, at the same time-my heart

asked me ‘what are we going to be

doing today’? At that point, it dawned

on me that the ‘Normal Wheel’ of early

morning, presenting me with duties for

the day, had not shown up? For years

and years of whispering to me, very

quietly the following: ​Remember to pay

those two bills I laid out for you last night.

Remember to buy milk at the grocery store,

then with a bit louder whisper–do not

forget to call your family!

What happened to those directives

that had been so clear the past eighty

years? Also, my mind, rather, was filled

with “the entire world today is filled” 

saddness/sickness/war’s/pain etc,

so what are you going to do about it?

Well–I decided quickly, to get a new

tube of glue, and attach more folks

to the ‘Knowledge of Peace’. Yes, it 

passeth all the rest that I have tried 

to find all my life.

A truth revelation of my life. Just

wondering if anyone else, on this

planet’, knows what I am 

writing about??

by Robert D. Anderson

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