All Have Failed

All Have Failed...

We must look to the scriptures

to even try to understand and agree

with this title. Roman 3:23 For all have

sinned and come short of the Glory of God.

That includes: The farmer, pilots of air vehicles,

grocery handlers, car dealers, city workers,

pastors, ministers, Bible school teachers, etc, etc.

‘All’ means all. All refer to Everyone. Of course,

myself is included in those billions of people.

Let’s consider this a bit deeper. The nature we were all born into–has nothing to do with

our heavenly Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. It

has had everything to do with the nature of

Satan, all his angels, and other workers of

darkness. These works, always point away from our God and to the darkness instead. 

 Everyone, who has been given life, has obtained it through the nature of Adam. 

   We have been born with a sinful nature. 

        This may be difficult for some to swallow.      

(All these words above, reflect a

natural birth on this planet)

Now, how do we get off that path of guaranteed unrighteous? We didn’t. It took a miracle of God to make this happen

and bring a ‘change’ to this original fact. How?

He had a plan for all mankind. Rather than getting

(man & women) stay locked into the plan of

darkness, He gave his only son Jesus to completely turn this fact around. Jesus, born

of God. His Fathers plan was for him to die

on Calvary’s tree, shedding his blood for all

creation to be born again, making a new

creation of each man, woman, and child

into a new person (creation). It was Gods time to bring the eternal to all who would

accept this gift. The Gift of life. A path

of walking in the light, rather than utter darkness.

Once we accept Jesus into our life’s

we change tracks or paths and began

Praising our Lord and creator. In Christ Jesus,

we have a new life, a new goal, healing’s,

contentment, Eternal life–and Peace that

that is beyond understanding. Our old nature

is slowly removed from us giving Christ to take

over the vacuum for himself to live in. It’s a 

miraculous transfer, from the Adam nature, 

into the nature of Christ. This being the

fulfillment of God’s sacred plan, As we grow in Christ, we become to be like him. He wants brothers and sisters to be like him.

The key to this amazing option, is us

giving our lives to him. He takes care

of the rest.

Sure, there are times we weaken, falter, and want to give up, This is normal. If we

slip back a little, challenge what caused that,

give it another shot (chance). He never gives up on us. Hebrews 23:29- Let your

conversation be without covetousness and be content in what you have, for

he will never leave you nor forsake you.

by Robert D. Anderson

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