Is Peace Fragile?

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If you have found your peace,
or it is coming near you, once it arrives-stay with it. Hold it tight.
Yes, things of earth are now looking
dimmer and dimmer. Since you see them, hear them, you still can – turn-and embrace them.
DON’T. They will have intentions of pulling
you back into the elements of the world below.
Sure, it is an option for you to take that
un-opportunity, but it’s best to refuse even the thoughts of ‘Semi-blessings that are not permanent, so, I suggest to “let it go”.
Keep pressing on to your Heavenly goal:
The peace that passeth all understanding.

It may seem strange and impossible to
break away from your haven of un-rest,
bewilderment, complications–of your life.
We must remember ‘our miraculous creator
has created a place of constant rest for you. It is beyond understanding, but in
reality, it’s for you.
I am not sure if the option of
returning is even available, (I cannot
write about that angle, because
I have no desire to make that type of
move, it is far from my mind/heart).
Truthfully, that would be a regrettable
option to even try – I am thinking). The
constant desire to continue on this
path drives one to Press on, through
this world of sorrow, pain and intended
‘hurt’ that is designed to bring some
one down. That, at times, backfires and
intentionally lifts that person to a higher
level (an example of how our Lord, reaches
out to show his children, that He is with
us always). Why anyone would want
to return to the ‘past’ is beyond me.

Reflecting to the beginning
of this writing “If you have received
your peace, STAY with it, hold it tighter!
(The reason I write this TWICE is that
it is so important. The writing below is part
of my journey to my Peace-that passeth all

The very first aftermath when your peace
has come to dwell in you, could be compared
to a “fast growing oak tree”. Its weak stature
changes, and strength is visible quickly. It is
not fully stabilized in the first few days. What may
follow are some interventions from a former
complication, that was left standing alone
with no one to toss fuel on the flames. (Some
things do not dissolve quickly. They remain
alive for a short time as your ‘oak tree’
matures) Some say–“this too will pass, and
it always does”. Soon we realize the fires
“lose their life” as all the un-needed
sink to the bottom of the Deep Blue sea.
(as scripture refers to it). If one is sensing
the Divine on the Right hand and negativity
on the Left do not fear-just press on. Those
thoughts have become powerless. My Mom
used to say: The darkest part of night will
follow us to the gates of Peace-so true.

Press the Gate open, even under the burden
of your old life. When the Gate shuts, it will
it pushes that old life back-it falls off the cliff.
Its final ‘sting’ has to dissolve. Why? Because
it was not Peace. Pain is gone, as the work
of Christ on the Cross dying on that old
Cross, totally covers us in that final second.

One more thought: There are those who
try to find it—( a grand endeavor) However,
in reality-it comes to you. Lovingly/kindly
brings it to you–along with simple directions:
Keep pressing on-as what you know now, is
only the beginning of your new life.

by Robert D. Anderson

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