Finding Truth?

Oh sure, there are many outlets that
make finding ‘Truth’ simple. First, we may
look at our local churches. There we can find
basic truths printed in our Bibles. For instance, it
tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. That
is truth. It does not say ‘then your neighbor must
love you back (true) however we can still love
them. If you find that? You are walking hand in hand
with God’s word, not zeroing on the reality of reality.
It may be in our hearts and minds that this is not turning out correctly: We need some ‘return’ to keep
this fair. (wrong) Love thy neighbor as self–and stops
there. The Bible is the best source of truth. Now it
has layers and layers of words that, all together like
a puzzle, require us to follow the guides as we go
deeper and higher into God’s word, to discover a
major truth that never crossed our minds before.
For example, the words Marriage comes up–
read on to the end of Matthew. You may want to search further, like maybe the book of Luke?
If you want real truth–turn to Psalm 91 (only about twenty verses long), you may be shocked by what you read. I can verify that it is all
true. True as when these words were written several thousand years ago.

We all must remember these words, make
up the letter that he is writing to his family on
Planet earth. He designed and built this home
for all. Running water/a shower/trees/mud/to-
fill the cracks left when building a home for
man-woman-children has too much wind
coming in/Ice cubes/grass and sticks to
build smaller places to live/food galore/
meat galore/Berries & nuts to nibble on/
I am sure all his children are happy and
thankful every day for these items?

Writing what I am saying could create
volumes of books looking deeper into
our lives however, these writings of mine are
looking at reading about Peace. God has
arranged ‘Peace’ along with items written
about – above through his son Jesus,
also for all to understand and be part of.
However, as we notice, mankind Moves Gods
plan, off to the side and leans on things\that
seem (to him are better and more worthy).
Why do we have ‘wars’, ‘people shooting
each other’, ‘tribulation’ never seen before,
yes, there are reasons for all of it. We
just need to stop, and consider more
what is happening around us-when
all the time–we could be
“Living in Peace’

by Robert D. Anderson

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