Finding the Un-Known

It’s unknown if Webster would even

allow those few words into his highly

desired ‘book’. It is spelling and offering

meaning/information to others who are seeking for a deeper knowledge of life.

 Those desires are fulfilled with help from

accurate information written down in his dictionary. These dictionaries are printed for all to find meanings to the language they speak. Pronouncing words are included in those pages.

The title of this writing brings us

to where we are today (covering this

very spectrum, circling daily in our life,

morning to night). It is dangerous and it

is filthy. If Webster asked me to give my thoughts about ‘disinformation, for him

I would do that freely and gladly. Here goes:

Some are dancing around us dispensing lies.

(widely known as ‘dis-information). They seem

to think that what is happening around them

is available to all because ‘their vocal cords, 

were powerful enough to ‘create a different world around them and everyone else. In other

words, their words are higher than what Mother 

Nature speaks. (or what our old Bible is telling 

us) or what our President and all his staff know.

They may have just come from a meeting,

gathering information on a certain topic, from bits and pieces around the globe, and share that information to its millions of people. We need to listen (whichever party is in control) because

that information may save our country and our

life. (that could be labeled as Logic) as they did what

they had to do to warn us or give us directives.

We get dis-information when some are in a

position to try and fool people into their way

of thought. (short term for this action is a (Lie)

There are many reasons for ‘a lie’.

 (This is only an example)

Let’s say there are a couple of high level men who 

decided they need to make some fast money

quickly. (It needs to be done fast, as their need for 

more funds could/would save their day, and their

‘standing in life’ (reputation).

They decided (agreed) that adding a small amount to billing that went out monthly would increase

their monthly intake to quite a large amount each month. (together their companies had close

Seven thousand clients total). Without any sharing,

this plan with clients went smooth for several months.

The Clients were used to minor increases every

so often and did not question the increase. One

day a notice came in the one’s mailbox in the form of an email–saying: Notice: In four weeks

we will be at your office to do an Audit. Please

inform us of your regular hours of business.

Then they made note that they would be doing

several audits – so they had plenty of time to do them by staying a week or longer if required.

The email assured them that they would

not have to be concerned about the time element. One man immediately called his

(so-called partner) to give him the news.

They both decided that they may be in

trouble. (Now it was time for steepness

nights/meaning very little rest for either one. 

It turns out, the auditors showed up

early as promised. One group was more

than needed, so a small number went to the

other office in town, to start his audit. Yes, they

both had reason to be concerned about their

sleep as the audit revealed what the owners

were concerned about. Something unlawful

going on. Long story, shortened, caused them some jail time plus a cash payback to their many clients. Matter of fact/they both had to borrow money for the payback.

It is difficult to find any tidbits of Peace

coming out of the wrongdoing that can hurt

 others, and placed a larger burden on the

 two who decided this would work fine.

It’s much better to take the

PEACE option into projects first.

by Robert D. Anderson

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