Lightening in a Storm

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Note: The word ‘Lightening’ in this
chapter actually, refers to the brilliant
work of our Heavenly Father, his word
and his ‘knowing’ and it may result in
a human storm while in progress.
Our Father can place His word at a
perfect moment of this storm. Not
making any sense to those caught up/
in the storm. However, when the storm
ceases, the Lightning part is self-explaining of course. God planned it
that way. He is the ‘knower’ of all things at all times.

We may ask ourselves–How in the
world can he, so timely, pass his word
to an obedient child of his–‘perfect’ words/
perfect timing. The Holy Spirit brightened
the eyes and entire being of the person
needing that boost. It was then filled with
a sense of Glory. Onlookers had no idea
what was taking place until the next day.

By then the ‘mold’ of reality” has
developed. Our Father’s mold is fragile to us and our normal way of life on earth.
However, put to test, it will whether any storm. The Lighting around it is designed
to change many lives. The entire setting looks
very much like a ‘fine fishing line’, just tossed into a boat, not caring how tangled it gets.
It may appear to man’s eye, that it will never
be untangled again. However, God, His Holy
Spirit and Jesus laid it there, and with one
sweep of their hand, will put it back in perfect condition on a spool. Nothing is impossible with our loving Father.
The entanglement strings involved will
quickly follow suit and imitate the fishing line in perfect sequence. Peace will be the result
of God’s work–and thousands may be blessed.
All of life has a purpose–All future purposes are in the hands of God. (We cannot forget
the failures, they are all in God’s hands also).

No different than the light it sends. It can
break up and bless thousands of humans,
seated in a stadium listening to a group
of words placed in the atmosphere around
all those people attending. It is quick and sharper than any double-bladed sword. It
can convict and heal all in the same moment.
He accomplishes what he sends it out to
do. Amazing is our God.

Some will understand this now–others
will understand it later. In time all will
understand. His purpose will not be in
balance when man (if) man follows his
own plan. We must let life flow in its own time. Coming to know and believe the
word will result in one word
​by Robert D. Anderson

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