Up to Date

(on Spirits moving)

John 17:15 I do not ask you to take
them out of the world, but that you would
keep them out of the hands of the evil one.

The Spirit of the living God, Jesus, and Holy
Spirit falls on a group of three. We did not do
a thing ‘but receive’. The Peace, love, and Light
permeated these bodies of flesh ‘designed for
women and men of earth. We did nothing but
receive. The Light, the love is flowing constantly,
doing its job of obedience.

Into the night, half-awake/half-asleep-filled
with the Spirit we lay in silence–we do nothing.
Acknowledging the Spirits moving across oceans.
We realize we are in the ‘eye’ of a ‘tremendous’
Spiritual awakening, engulfing this world. We awake,
doing nothing (fully knowing it all is in, the hand of
‘Our loving Father’.

(Not a time to leave John 17:14)

by Robert D. Anderson

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