Tried in the fire

“For gold is tried in the fire, and 

acceptable men in the 

furnace of adversity”.

Ecclesiastic 2:5

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There may be a cup in your cupboard

that also has been tried in the fire. (Kiln)

We might put it this way–(that cup has gone

through the fire).

The life of the cup did not stop there. There

was Glaze placed on the cup to strengthen it,

then placed back into the Kiln. Probably set

aside for drying a predetermined time. Once

dried, it would be ready to be used for

coffee — or? If it’s coffee, that cup has more

fires (heat) to pass through. After being

obedient to its Master (owner) it will be going through heat once again in the

dishwasher or cleaning by hand in the

sink. Then back to the cupboard for a

rest until ‘coffee time’ next hour or day.

We are like that coffee cup in several

ways. We have our Father, his son Jesus

and the Holy Spirit to be obedient to.

As we walk through this life on earth we have so much to learn. The only way we

can truly learn is just like Jesus. He too

had to learn obedience through that which he suffered. When we walk through our life’s

long journey, we have fires to go through.

These fires slowly burn away the dross that

we were born with (The Adam nature).

Through many fires, and as the fires do

their work, we then start moving into our

life from Heaven–our Spiritual being,

revealing ‘Christ in us”. 

You may be wondering ‘what is dross’?.

The easiest way I can explain what dross

is is to look at a coin in your purse or

pocket. (a silver coin-like a dime). Shiny

and bright. When that Silver dime, is

still in the ground, dirt and mud packed

around it–it has no value in that

setting. However, once the miner’s equipment takes it out of the ground 

(soil) and moves it in giant loads, via huge trucks to the processing area. Once

it is filtered through many ‘shakers’, it is

ready for the next phase. That is putting

it on rubber belts and moving into the

building where huge furnaces are kept.

From the large rubber belts, it is moved over the large furnace burning red hot

(white hot) The mud/dirt is burned away,

however, the molden Silver slivers remains

as it was in the trucks. (The heat of the furnace was not hot enough to melt the Silver strands or slivers. The Silver then goes through a shoot into a molding 

“anew” process. (Now it is valuable)

 Going back to our Spiritual life, we now are

‘like the Silver from the white-hot furnace’.

We are more valuable than we were children

of darkness. We now are likened ‘to lights

on the far mountainside’.

Trials/temptations/fires–are very much

needed by mankind. They (like Jesus)

prepares each one, as they prepared

Gods son (Jesus) to sit on his

Fathers right hand in Glory.

Much Peace comes at this 

gesture of our lives. 

by Robert D. Anderson

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