1 Corinthians 10:29 |
Conscience, I say, not thine own,
but of the other: for why is my liberty
judged of another man’s conscience?

This verse in 1 Corinthians is so important
to wrap your mind, heart, and life around. We
need to study it closely, like all the other
verses in the Bible. With the understanding,
via examples, it may continue to be foggy.

Let’s take a look at the lady (down the
street) who is widely known to be the
‘best Chocolate chip cookie maker’, this
side of the Great divide’. She is known
for this due to ‘passing all other great
cookie makers, for miles around when
they have the ‘Seasons best’, when the
fall cooking challenge comes around.

After sampling and tasting, more than
half the judges give her, ribbons for
qualifying to be ‘the Best’. Is there a
problem with ‘being in a rut, year after
year and those Judges have simply
fallen into a ‘Habitual rut?. If five of
those judges were weak in their
conscience and wondered what
others would think of them if they
did not follow through and choose
that one, who has always been the
winner. They voted with the group
that always choose the same one.

Now your Conscience is trying to
talk to you–trying to get through to
you. If you are thirsty/you find water!
If you are tired? You find a place
to lay down. You did not vote what
you felt in your heart! Do you always
let someone else’s Conscience guide
you? Maybe someone else was in
line to win this year and you now
have got the entire Season
off track. Now the fun of this
competition is becoming ugly. Do you
listen to your body when it needs
your attention? Why not begin
learning that your Conscience is
part of God’s plan for you and may
touch the entire world. It may affect
others’ health. For instance: As you
are out for your daily walk, you may
notice a ‘different aroma’ in the air.
It could be someone changing oil
in his or her car—-however, it
also could be a break in a gas line
that has the possibility of soon exploding. Listen to that small voice
in your head or heart and call
emergency. It may be your neighbor’s
life. (if someone tells you: Naw
nothing to worry about! Do we
follow our conscience/or someone else’s?) It’s too late when the
fire trucks and ambulance start
screaming into your area.

Here is an example touching on
someones health. One person
talking to his good friend: Why
don’t you smoke cigarettes? His
friend answers quickly: Because
they have the power to: Blacken
your lungs and shorten your life.
1st person says, hey, haven’t you
been told that some people who
smoke live to be ninety-five years
old. His friend hesitates (his-
conscience is in high gear) he
is saying–oh are you sure that
is correct? If so, I will try one of
your ‘smokes’ then). When he
hesitated, his entire being was
telling him It’s a lie–It’s a lie
but he did not listen. Several years later, they buried him.

You see–he was Free, but some
one else’s conscience altered
his freedom and placed him in
bondage–this bondage stole
his life.

(Something to consider we
find in the Holy Scriptures)

by Robert D. Anderson

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