Philippians 4:11  

Not that I speak in respect of want: 

for I have learned, in whatsoever 

state I am, therewith 

to be content.

Speaking in my opinion, Peace, Love,

Contentment and Kind heart, fall pretty much into the same categories. Where you find/touch by one, others will

show up also. Peace that passeth all

understanding, is at the very top of this

list. When this is found, many more blessed things fall in place. It is all under

God’s Amazing Grace.

Mother nature is a true believer and 

deliverer of ‘Contentment’ in a humble

and beautiful way. Take a walk in a

forest someday, and be ‘one’ with all

the trees. They all are the perfect 

Example Contentment’. They invite

you in, to stand with them.

Waking up in an area of some of 

the Northern States of our United

States, when the gentle skies had

been producing millions of small snowflakes. It was decided quickly (before 

any left the upper level of the skies)

that none of the should melt on their

 lazy downward journey toward earth).

 The outside temperature would be

 34 t0 43 degrees for 100% perfect

‘drift downward’. That temperature 

would keep them from melting, and

keep them free to fall as individual

flakes. (No two are alike I am told)

Blending (freezing) bunches together

would be Mother Nature’s giant error.

As the flakes ‘float down to earth’ the

treetops are coming into view. Green

evergreens and other trees, without

leaves, are coming into sight. A breathtaking sight. Once all those 

tiny flakes have landed on the runway

branches, they decide to stop and rest.

At this moment, it would be a blessing

for all humans to behold the scene.

Contented and stable, those tiny flakes

were still. No wind/no sleepy birds 

to land–just the scene of total


You are maybe hearing the ‘clicks’

of camera’s sounding off. Aha, I got

this one on my camera and will save 

it for my Grand Children to see.

Now the sun is rising higher in the

sky–of course the tiny flakes putting

on the show are turning to water, and

soon to ice very soon.

An example of Mother Natures


by Robert D. Anderson

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