Birds Finding Rest

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​The huge Redwood trees, found in

California somehow welcome birds to

nest, and find they are welcomed to sit in

those huge trees, through each season.

Not only birds but humans are drawn to them

simply by their beauty and humongous sizes. Takes

one’s breathe away. (I have been privileged to be

around – touch them and learn how small I am in 


Matthew 13:32 

Which indeed is the least of all seeds:

but when it is grown, it is the greatest

among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that 

the birds of the air come and lodge in

the branches thereof.

 There is a negative side of tree’s and man

finding rest in them. 

Job 14:7 – 

For there is hope of a tree, if it

 be cut down, that it will sprout 

again, and that the tender

 branch thereof will not cease.

Glory to God and his word-The

darkness (Satan) may chop some trees

down, (but listen), it will sprout again, and

that tender branch thereof will not cease.

These are awesome words to some-(including

myself) that when Satan realizes that your gift

from God may destroy his plans and work–

he may try anything to rid ‘his world’ of you.

However, it is my hope that somewhere along

our ‘growing path’ someone has told us, 

or in the Bible we have read–where it tells us 

that God is stronger than the dark spirits.

For instance: 1-John-4-4

Ye are of God, little children, 

and have overcome them: because 

greater is he that is in you, than

 he that is in the world.

Always (do your best) not to allow the king 

of this world to get the upper hand in your life.

He will try, however, but he is afraid of Gods

promises and the blood of Christ shed on the

Cross at Calvary. (For we were on his mind

 when he was on the cross dying for our sins

 and shortcomings) These words must be on our 

minds when we are overtaken by darkness. When it 

becomes dangerously dark (deep in our hearts and 

souls) these words will come alive, and by morning a 

brighter day will be seen and you will be 

the victorious one.

by Robert D. Anderson

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