The Old Man’s Ocean

(The new man’s paradise)

Raw Faith: Making the devil respect you

This ocean is free. It may ‘move sideways,

to left or to the right’, upwards or downwards.

It is also free to move fast or slow. The uniqueness

lies in the fact that The old man’s Ocean is

allowing it to move without supervision or

unnatural guidance. Rather strange. Man seems

to be able to control, more things that it cannot.

A body of water, that is huge enough to be

labeled ‘O c e a n’ is normally uncontrollable.

 However, it, in itself, has an issue in its ability

to control the species known as ‘man’. Why is

it, that ‘man’, lacks that ability to control it? 

Pictures have been painted about ‘man, boat

sails, a beard, eyes flashing and the appearance

of this environment being a ‘heavenly’ place. Oh

Lord, it is so peaceful, the viewer’s heart is ready

to get aboard at once. Jesus took all this, one

step further. He was asleep on the lower deck. 

That makes it look much more relaxing. The

winds came up with the power of the ocean, enough

to frighten those who jumped into the board,

to ride across with Jesus. They were not afraid 

of the ‘boarding’, however, when the winds

began to tip the boat over, the scene changed

to great fear. Those passengers called loudly,

awaking Jesus from his sleep–saying ‘Master

 are you leaving us to die? Can’t you see, we

are in a serious situation-we will drown. 

Jesus looked out at the ocean and felt the wind

that was troubling the waters and said: Oh

ye of little faith-then rebuked the winds

and the waters calmed-then went back to

finish his rest.

{Here is where the New Man starts}

Note: Jesus was in the boat/but

now in our hearts and lives)

Now, when we give this

deeper thought, he was not only referring

to the ‘storming wind and waters at sea’

he also had in his heart and mind all his 

children who would be ‘storms’ in their

life’s that appeared deadly to us, but at 

that moment, we can ‘rebuke the storm

around us-and it will cease in the name of 

Jesus’. I spoke incorrectly in the first part of

this short writing, by Faith, we can control

the stormy waters around us. We

recognize the dangers and many times

‘our words’ have the power to cause the

dangers to dissolve into the air. Our words

are powerful. Using ‘In the name of Jesus,

our words become much more powerful

and we can do things, as Jesus did them.

John 14:12 KJV

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believe on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to my Father in heaven.

(Now we understand PEACE)

by Robert D. Anderson

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