​10,000 piece puzzle

Ever since I was a child, I felt rather odd,

if my hands were void of having anything

in them to do-or to build something. I was

constantly seeing myself as an inventor of

something. Small airplanes, attached to a wire

which was attached to an ‘axle’ (meant for 

hands of a windup clock’s two hands, one hand 

being the ‘Hour’ hand, the other the minute

hand). Note: I had to remove a couple of gears

inside the inner windup motor that turned real

slow–I needed it to turn fast as my airplane 

was coming into the airport to land via a

circular approach. This was a project for a 

history class in grade school. It actually

 worked. I didn’t win any “Ribbons’ for my

work–however, classmates enjoyed winding

it up–then it would slow down (which resembled

a natural landing. The landing was a cardboard

box–runway painted in, some green grass, 

a small building for people to come and go in,

plus a couple of old cars in the parking lot.

As the years unfold, wind up clocks turn into

“New and unimaginable” ways to build and do

things, never done before. Being an electric guitar

player, I had an idea. Guitars have been built

like ‘cookie cutters’ for hundreds of years. Pretty

much, fairly looked the same. Same soundhole,

same body, and neck, tuning knobs at the tip-top

of the neck etc. Then–I built my dream guitar

totally different. Tuning knobs–three on each

side of the strings (mid guitar body). Nothing but 

pegs where tuners used to be. A palm-operated

tremblo (so I could keep ‘picking’ and have my

palm doing ‘down/up for the needed sound).

I flew to Minneapolis, Minnesota to hire a

patent attorney. Once it was all finished, the

next step was a global search to make sure it

had not been patented by some else. It, at 

first seemed to be ‘loner’. After a few days, I

was alerted to a new finding, that had been

overlooked. A man from Nebraska in the early

1900s had applied for a patent on a guitar he 

designed. Now, the only difference was–he 

had placed the tuning knobs (six of them) at

the tail end of the guitar (where the strap

that holds the guitar up while

standing up to play. Ok, now I had to start

all over (on that detail) and prove that my

tuning knobs (in the mid-section) were an

improvement. I knew it was but had to

 challenge it, via the Patent Attorney. Well,

at nineteen years old, my cash limit had

arrived-and did not have the money for

that final step. However. I built a duplicate

from a solid piece of oak lumber. Including

the neck/all in one piece. A lot of sanding/

sawing produced my dream Guitar (elect).

Its color just had to be ‘(Candy apple red)’

then I played it for years. Nothing but

‘patent applied for’ label, but the idea and

the experience was worth all my time and work

into it.

From there, I successfully learned how to build

my own Solar panels at home. That process took

me to Hawaii for five months, then around the

globe for years, to teach those, struggling with

electricity payments and could be off the hook. 

I always found some, lacking in design to try

and make it more useful. As I look over my

shoulder, it has the view/colors pointing

toward ‘a a puzzle’, needing to ‘put’ back

together. As I turned eighty years old, I was 

alerted to the fact, that maybe I should

stop looking for projects and find:

Perfect Peace in my life (not another project)

That happened quickly. It was as if a strong arm

from the heavenlies reached down. removing

the dust from my work table: Saying, look

around–all the world is looking for, what

you label ‘Perfect Peace’ and share with them

this story of your life. It may turn out to be

‘a a key’ for some who have the same

thoughts as you. Remember, Jesus spoke

the words: My thoughts are higher than

your thoughts and my ways are

Isaiah 55:8-9 

                            For my thoughts are not your thoughts, either are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways.

by Robert D. Anderson

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