Today, I had intentions of writing something that had to do with the word ‘PEACE.’ Maybe I go off track—maybe not. I intended to have the word “barricade” be its title:


Some of our lives have been saved by the word “barricade.” Driving down the Interstate at night, at times we see a
barricade. It could be there to protect us from a car and semi that had collided, and without one many more could have been injured or killed. It could mean that road work was being done and huge potholes in the road were ahead. I could go on and on about
the blessings of barricades, but now will get back to business at hand: PEACE. Maybe its time for me to write a book, with the title:


You see, NOT having a barricaded mind—mercy, we may be in trouble. On the Interstate, crashing into a semi-
truck and a car is not healthy; however, add one more car slamming into that mess—it could be much worse.

Switching back over to the MIND, using our WORDS instead of vehicles, paints a much more dangerous picture than cars, trains, or semi-trucks. We may think the big engines that will move a train up and down mountains are powerful—BUT—in reality, compare a little butterfly to a jet engine. That’s how powerful our words are. Now, you must see that ‘incoming words’ may be compared to a butterfly bumping into a cotton wall. (That will hurt, but maybe no major injury.)

Try comparing: words leaving our lips, that are from our hearts, are as dangerous as that jet slamming into that peaceful little butterfly.

We must have knowledge of this very concept.

Replace that little butterfly with your name. Now, does it hurt? We as human beings have a hard (very difficult) time looking through life via these types of lenses, but it’s truth and reality. (Words coming from our hearts, indeed, are
hurtful when used incorrectly.)

Note: This topic will continue in another writing coming—it will explain how we (if we have a barricade in our minds?) can teach it to the global population. (It is that simple.)

by Robert D. Anderson

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