Lying the Truth

When I was in my younger days, I recall grandparents telling us children the following: “There is no such a thing as a big or little lie. A lie is a lie—period!” Well, grandpa, what about the ‘little white lie’? Even adults used that title of lie now and then. For instance: Children could beg, beg, and beg some more, as to what was in that larger package under the Christmas tree. They were told, “Oh, I forget!” So, they tell the neighbor lady, “Oh yeah, I had to tell them a ‘little white lie’!” Let’s fast forward for a bit: In 2021, we heard alot about the BIG lie. In 2022, we may hear it again; let’s hope not. Some may say, “Oh, what we hear in 2022 will have been sprayed White in 2021, so it’s been taken care of.” (Do not let anyone fool you, or lie to your face.) A lie is a lie, a truth is a truth. Right?

Well how about this concept: An atheist, I am told, is a non-believer in God. His/her heart just cannot see logic in believing in a Higher Power—so simply, if a human mind cannot wrap around a Higher Power, then that is ‘truth’ in motion. There is no God. (Wrong !) They forget one thing—the human mind knows very little in every stage of growing. (Yes, some stages more than others; however, never everything.)

Now, back to ‘lying the truth’ (how can that be?). We will use the atheist title above, and consider that concept.

We will make up a story here, to give this topic some depth. Say for instance, an atheist was persuaded to attend a Christian Bible college for three or four years, to learn more about the teaching about a living God. After the third year, he/she would tell others (who were listening and watching), “I have not changed my mind one iota, but I am planning on going the fourth year to make sure.” By this third year, the students were practicing giving other students sermons standing behind a pulpit. One day, a young atheist got behind the pulpit, opening with these words: “I must admit, to you my classmates, that I am ‘lying the truth’ to you. You see, I do not believe in God.” (His fellow classmates thanked him, for at least being honest.)

Fast forward: The fourth semester was finished the next fall. This young student (graduating) was one of the speakers at graduation. Once behind the pulpit (in his honesty everyone knew) he surprised them and told the graduating class the following: “Today I am going to minister the ‘Truth of The Truth’—as I has given my life to Christ Jesus, and will spread his word globally, the rest of my life.” It’s True, it’s True, it’s True!!

by Robert D. Anderson

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