Staffing Shortage, and an Apology

From a nationally known bank:

We’re sorry that your experience right now is going to require more patience than is ideal in any customer experience. Please know that we’re doing everything possible to minimize these disruptions, while remaining committed to the health and well-being of our customers and employees.

We can’t thank you enough for your continued patience as we get through these extraordinary times. We’re still holding out hope that, in the near future, we’ll all emerge from the pandemic stronger and more resilient than ever before (and with a full, healthy team to be there when you need them).

With deep gratitude,

I was unable to respond online, so I am sharing words below to the world:

Yes, all should understand. Right now, some very positive things are floating to the surface. For instance, Denmark is on the correct side of Hope. Hope is and can be a Biblical word for Faith. Those getting their two vaccination shots then gladly getting number three, the booster, are an example—and some of them will jump on number four when it is suggested and available. We MUST look/see beyond our nose, concerning things like this. The Spanish flu in 1918 was deadly—but let’s consider the now. We have a government on our side (referring to Biden) we must consider how fortunate we are to have the genius minds of science on our side. They are doing what the Spanish flu era did not have, as tools to make assisting millions of people a reality. Beside caring for us over forty years old, they are looking out for those under forty, under twenty, under ten, and now I read five-year-old children also.

I guess what I am writing is: Let’s think as positively as we possibly can and be as thankful as we are at Thanksgiving for what is being done for us and our families.

by Rodert D. Anderson

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