Saved by Grace

This special WordPress page is about me—but for anyone and everyone who walks on the soil of this globe to take notice. Parts of it just may rip those little voices away from you in the middle of the night never to return, giving you more peace than you have ever known.

Millions each day may be doing what the Bible tells us to do: “Give your life to Jesus.” There are those who gladly roam day and night, giving out little messages about “giving our lives to Christ Jesus.” Many times, young people and older people “get hot under the collar” when those folks try to awaken them in a few words. They may say, “Are you saved? Are you going to heaven?” Some may be convicted at that moment and take those words to heart. At that time of their lives (young and old), they go home and join millions who have been convicted in the same way, and become very interested in God’s word and the wonderful knowledge of prayer (on their knees before the creator of this world), shedding tears, while begging for mercy from the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, and the master of this world. Jesus is his name—Son of the living God. Different people in their walk with their Lord have many different “tone settings,” knowledge capabilities, and personal experiences, all in obedience to their “callings” from God. (Note: I am putting these few words together because I have seen/witnessed the truth and blessings of each thought and voice of those with a heartfelt desire to help someone who is in their heart, because God is guiding their hearts, minds, and voices to do this, and I can see their inward joy due to their willingness to spiritually touch another life.)

I have a reality packed with actual “happenings” to me that are related in some places to what others say and have experienced.

I am a country boy, brought up in a tiny town on the USA side of the Canadian border. My dad’s father (Olaf) was an ordained minister to the Mission Covenant basic group of believers. He was/is known to be an “at heart” who was concerned about, not only his own flock, but anyone around him (in the little church he and his elders designed and built), and all he come in contact with. My father grew up under his wing. I am writing in this fashion as I know not how to say it differently. Keep in mind that grade schools were lucky if they had a total of thirty students, in all eight grades combined. With one teacher I went through first to eighth grades, alone in my grade, until I enjoyed the privilege of having a new family move in. Their daughter was my age, so for a short time (a few months) she was my classmate.

English was my worst class! Just did not make sense to me, any way I looked at it. (I still do not know how, at eighty years old, I have managed to write two gospel books—one titled Stepping out of Glory [I had/have the idea that Jesus stepped out of Glory to heal me when I would get sick], one titled Becoming Omni-Present.) Even doctors would tell my parents that, when I was sixteen years old and had massive kidney malfunction (I was very sick, but Dad was teaching me the guitar, so that seemed to cause me to beg for more time). The local doctors tried their best to help me, and find the cause of what was going on (bad pain in my back, in the kidney area, and all the joints in my body swelled to about double their size, very red and swollen). Those blessed doctors did their best but failed. Their only remaining option was to send me to the University of Minnesota hospital. The kidney specialist had me for three days. He called my Mom into a special room and told her: “Robert’s health problem has surfaced. He has a rare case of rheumatic fever.” He said that, unfortunately, I had spent three months with doctors at home, and during those days my body was badly poisoned (my joints took the worst hit)—putting me in such a place that nothing could be done to fix/repair my condition. Then he told her I only had six months to live. My learning the guitar made me unaware of the bad news (I guess), because at six months I was still breathing (now, I was flat in bed 24/7). My parents took me into town for checkups, maybe every three weeks.

Earlier on my father had called an evangelist over after a meeting at our church. He was a huge man. I was lying on my stomach, a pillow under my head. He laid his huge hands on my head and pushed quite hard. I never forgot that moment, looking out from my pillow and seeing those huge legs and body standing over me. My thoughts were this: “If he presses any longer or harder he’s going to break my neck!” After that I woke month after month still in bed and hurting. Finally, when at the end of eight months we went back to town for a checkup, I had an appointment with one of three doctors who had worked with me earlier. He hooked me up to a machine to test my kidneys. He came out and said, “Something is wrong with that machine, and we will get another from another clinic, plus another doctor.” The machine failed again. A third doctor came with a new machine and came out to tell us the following: “It’s NOT the machine, this young man is healed completely.” A long story shortened, today I am 80 years old, and have been “kidney well” since that time at 16 years old. Note: We maybe need to be more patient when our creator is doing the fixing.

Then, at 28, I was just out of the military having served as a drill sergeant. My first weeks at home, back to work, I fell into the worst depression ever known. (I thought not being here would be better—almost gave up living.) Vietnam had left doctors, at that time, unaware of what a war like that could/would do to a man’s body mind and spirit. My doctor told me, “This is a tough one—please understand.” After he left, I was sitting up in bed—had just tossed my last pack of cigarettes in the trash. Just sitting there, something different took place. The Holy Spirit came (visibly) to my side carrying a large silver pitcher with a pour spout on the rim. He picked up that three-foot-deep pitcher, brought it over my head, and released “Liquid Love” that flowed slowly over my entire body. In shock, I leaped out of that hospital bed, started putting my street clothing on. My nurse came running in wondering what I was doing. I told her that I had just been totally healed! She said, “Wait, I need to get your doctor in here.” I told him the same thing. He made a three-to-five-minute test of my eyes and told my nurse, “He can get dressed and we will release him, as he is healed.” That was my High Star that caused me to start reading my Bible, looking for more truth (still reading it today).

My walk with my Lord cannot be told like others’ can. It has taken two books, multiple words I found to be true. Over 400 gospel videos are circling the globe as we speak. I have 52 new writings, circulating around the globe as we speak, at WordPress. It seems strange to me that I hardly ever discuss these things verbally. I have had in the past 15 years a total of close to 30,000 viewers and readers who have clicked on my work. That is not important to me; what is important is my obedient action when I hear his gentle voice, which I copy in my mind, heart, and spirit. For over ten years my blessed assistants in the Philippines would complete the words I would email to them, then they would add music and background scenery. Then upload them to YouTube for the world to view and read freely. (I do not charge a penny for my work—I do not see in the Bible anything about selling the word. However, it talks about the beast pulling the plow—that he can eat from his work.)

I will share at a later time about losing three valves in my heart. Doctors said, “We do not like to operate on one valve down and NEVER on three.” The heart doctor said to me, “We will send you back to your A-frame at the lake. If you mow your grass, do like 25 feet, then rest for an hour.” Six months later, I was in New Mexico (Albuquerque) teaching solar panel building at home. That was about ten years ago.

My first doctor said, “I cannot give you your medicine, because you are not seeing me anymore.” So, I went to see doctor(s) at the heart institute in Albuquerque, NM. After four appointments with doctors who wanted to see how to make solar panels (so I showed them via my video that my son made for me), my main doctor said he wanted to walk with me to the cashier as I went to pay a bill of $18.00. We turned to walk out, then my doctor told me, “Robert, you do not need to come back, your heart valves have healed themselves—your heart is working perfectly.”

I saw my doctor (Dr. Patterson) a couple days ago—my bp was 127/72. Thank you, Lord (and doctors for keeping me alert, to continue being humbly obedient). I still make mistakes and fail. But then I read in the Bible, “All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.” Also, I used to play and sing an old song, “Just a Closer Walk with Thee.” One verse went, “If I falter, Lord, who cares? Who with me my burden shares? None but Thee, dear Lord, none but Thee.” (We must know his words always. There is power in the blood.)

by Robert D Anderson

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