Be Content in What You Have

Philippians 4:11–13, kjv That seems to be a ‘backwards’ statement. Kindergarten, grade school, college, and military teachers would have difficulty swallowing those words. We did not have kindergarten classes before I started first grade, however after graduating from first grade I have experienced the others. My college days were spent in a little college thatContinue reading “Be Content in What You Have”

Caring About Others

No one really knows completely the meaning of ‘caring for others.’ Only until the day comes when they themselves are needing ‘someone’ to lean on. When things happen in the lives of someone who normally ‘hesitates to burden others,’ even though he/she realizes that others need him? He jumps to the place where he maybeContinue reading “Caring About Others”

Knowing How to Keep Friends

God did his work in six days. Then he rested on the seventh—we are told. Then he looked at what he had accomplished and spoke: “It is very good.” He created, then spoke the words: “It’s ok.” Wrong! He said, “It is very good.” This creation of ours deserves some time to look at also.Continue reading “Knowing How to Keep Friends”